Best of the Rest - 13 Set Bundle (Updated 12/14)

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Best Of The Rest_sfw_e.jpg

Best of the Rest - 13 Set Bundle (Updated 12/14)


The Best of the Rest! What is it? The Best of the Rest is an 13 set bundle of various models I’ve spent time & money shooting with over the years. For one reason or another, I felt these individual pieces of content didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the stuff on the site.

It is a compilation of things that are interesting, but not quite in-line or up to par with the rest of the content on the site. If you’d like to check it out, all images are in 3,000 pixel resolution, and all videos are in HD.

Kelsey - 220 images of Kelsey modeling in various swimwear including bikini and thong one-piece.

Kristen - 288 images of Kristen modeling in various swimwear including bikini and thong one-piece.

Sara Jane - 179 images of Sara modeling in lingerie and nude.

Cam - 429 images of Cam modeling in see-through lingerie.

Alyssa - 324 images of Alyssa modeling lingerie & light nudity.

Kali - 112 images and 25 minutes of video of Kali modeling in lingerie and light nudity.

Roshelle - 373 images of Roshelle modeling in Lingerie and nude.

Sam & Kate - 697 images of Sam and Kate modeling in various lingerie.

Angel - 307 images of Angel modeling in various lingerie.

Katya - 315 images of Katya modeling various lingerie.

Maiko - 127 images of Maiko modeling in lingerie & see-through tops.

Ashley (2009) - 424 images of 20 year old Ashley modeling nude.

Amanda - 210 images and 32 minutes of HD video featuring Amanda modelign in lingerie & nude.

Categories: Portraiture, Bikini, Lingerie, Boudoir, Fine-Art Erotica.

Please Note: Make sure you have a good internet connection speed and the proper amount of storage space on your HDD before purchase.  All sets come packed in a .zip folder for ease of download and convenience.  Unique download links last 12 hours after purchase, so please download in a timely manner. *ALL DIGITAL SALES ARE FINAL.

Content is for personal use only and is copyright

*Due to the nature of downloads and digital media no refunds will be given, nor can images be swapped or traded. You are responsible for making sure that your order is correct before you submit it to be processed.  Any billing errors on our end will be taken care of immediately.  All attempts for a fraudulent refund will be met with small claims filing for fraud and damages. Each set is embedded with a unique watermark per order and will be tracked accordingly.  If you're using a dial-up connection and your ISP is not allowing a fast connection then this would be a matter you should take up with your ISP not me.  You are responsible for checking this and making sure you don't have any problems downloading large files with your ISP.

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